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How a brand gets ranked on MixReviews.in

MixReviews.in’s score helps consumers make informed decisions and choose the right brand for their needs. Our score is based on four parameters:

Our score is based on four parameters:

Consumer Engagement

This is based on how many people click through to each brand’s site via MixReviews.in. Some brands provide us with information pertaining to the percentage of users who go on to make a purchase on their site via MixReviews.in, which is then factored into our calculation.

Customer Feedback

This represents customer reviews of the brand across multiple criteria, such as ease of use, value for money and the degree of user satisfaction. We convert user insights into measurable metrics and optimize the score accordingly.

Brand Reputation

MixReviews.in leverages a variety of objective third-party data sources. This parameter is based on automated ranking systems like Alexa Rank, which factors in brand popularity, prestige, relevance, and more.

Features & Benefits

MixReviews.in has a team of editors committed to writing reliable and distilled reviews. Our editors spend hours (and hours) reviewing products and services, comparing features, diving into the nitty-gritty details. This way, consumers get top-notch lists and reviews saving time, money, and headaches.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the MixReviews.in score calculated?

We analyze each parameter, and- by using our unique calculation methodology – aggregate the results into one combined score. Our algorithm weighs and normalizes various measurable factors from dependable sources across the web and thus provides a reliable result. It also takes into account situations in which some values are missing or incomplete, as well as compensation we may receive from brands, to create a balanced and holistic score.

Is it possible to improve your brand’s GoaTop10.com score?

The short answer is yes. Our score is based on monitoring and collecting Consumer Engagement, Customer Feedback, Brand Reputation, and Features & Benefits on a daily basis. The more positive reviews, value for money, and optimized user experience on every user touchpoint, the higher your score.

What can you do to raise your brand’s score?

A positive feedback loop is the key to achieving a higher score. It is vital that consumers can easily write reviews on your site, as well as via social media, and that your business responds and addresses any issues in a timely manner. The more good, honest reviews you have, the better, as this will help establish your brand’s credibility. In addition to collecting our own data, we use tools like Alexa Rank- therefore it is crucial that your landing pages are fully optimized, have a quick load time, and maintain relevant up-to-date information. Offering better customer service and overall value naturally leads to more positive reviews. Finally, by providing Top10.com access to the number of users who go on to make a purchase on your site, your brand’s conversion rate can be positively impacted, and therefore enhance your Consumer Engagement.

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